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As with all perishable goods flowers are very fragile

How you care for them will make an important difference to the length that your flowers last.

For hand tied bouquets and gift wraps

Hand tied bouquets are carefully arranged by the florist so they can be placed straight into a vase – by you – on arrival

You should remove all external packaging, but if you want to keep the shape of the bouquet it is best to leave the string tied around the stems.

Trim the stems by 3 cm at an angle with a knife or secateurs.

Remove any leaves below water line as leaves in water promote bacterial growth.

Fill a clean container with clean luke warm water and use the flower food supplied.

If your hand tied bouquet arrives Aqua-packed with a reservoir of water secured at their base.

To remove, simply hold your bouquet over a sink and cut off the bottom of the film.

You should place your bouquet away from draughts, direct heat or sunlight; so not on top of the television, radiators or sunny windowsills.

Place your bouquet in a cool location and top up the vase water daily.

Lily pollen may stain, remove stamen from opening blooms.

Cutting the stems every 3 days also prevents bacteria blocking the stem.

Hard and woody stems such as roses should be cut at least 3cms (approx 1 inch) at a sharp angle. This is particularly important with roses.


Roses should not be left out of water for more than one hour, cut stems and place in deep cold water immediately.

Should the heads of the Roses droop, wrap the heads together very tightly in paper, cut the stems and place in deep cold water for up to 2-3 Hours.

Keep repeating these instructions when necessary.

Flower Arrangements

Where flowers are arranged in floral foam either in a container or basket please add water every 2 days – Remove arrangement off polished surfaces to avoid water spillage.

Place away from draughts, direct heat or sunlight – so do not place on top of the television, radiators or a sunny windowsill.


Some flowers and foliage may be toxic or cause irritations, keep out of the reach of children.

Lily stamens are known to stain permanently – avoid contact with all surfaces (You may prefer to remove stamens)

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