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Flowers are like a second language, as each species symbolizes a different emotion or meaning. While choosing the appropriate flower can be difficult in such distressing times, it can significantly aid the bereavement process. 
Eulogizing a friend or loved one with flowers may be one of the longest running traditions in the UK; however, that doesn’t make the selection process any easier. When the time comes to make that all important decision, without any prior knowledge, you’ll most likely be at a complete loss. 
This guide has been written to help you make a more informed choice if you’re searching for a fitti
ng tribute.


The lily is a highly universal flower that’s suitable for any occasion. While they have been given a host of different meanings, they are most commonly used to symbolize restored innocence. The white stargazer lily sub-breed is the most popular choice for funerals.

Choosing the appropriate flowers for a funeral can give you a sense of closure; however, there are no rules. If you’d rather use a flower or plant that doesn’t convey a message synonymous with grief, that’s perfectly fine.
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